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Dom Portal is a NHS assured system for Digital Social Care Records (DSCR).

Dom Portal adheres to NHS England's stringent standards to ensure compliance in various aspects. It offers robust care management capabilities and complies with strict data security regulations and health-specific certifications. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive support services are guaranteed. Apart from core care management functionalities, Dom Portal streamlines staff recruitment and training processes by automating reference checks, DBS, and right-to-work verifications. The integrated CRM modules and automated rostering allow care staff to focus on delivering high-quality care rather than administrative burdens. Care staff highly appreciate the auto-timesheet, transparent payroll system, and staff calendar features of Dom Portal. Its cutting-edge AI technologies empower you to excel in Care Quality Commission (CQC) audits, ensuring exceptional care standards.

Dom Portal Features

The Dom Portal solution is a home care business management software that aids providers in planning, delivering, recording, and reporting care for service users. It consists of a web portal for care managers and office staff and a mobile app for on-field care staff. Each provider has a dedicated instance in the Cloud, ensuring data separation, and it facilitates care staff management and training.

Digital Care Planning

Dom Portal enables risk assessments and produces a detailed outcome-based care plan to capture all visit tasks efficiently, ensuring personalized and effective care for service users.


It digitally records all medication administrations, ensuring accurate and organized documentation for streamlined medication management.

Care Visit Scheduling

Providers use Dom Portal to schedule and assign staff for care visits, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing care delivery coordination.

Real-time Monitoring

The real-time dashboard allows providers to monitor all care visit activities instantly, facilitating timely interventions and ensuring quality care.

Care Staff Management

Dom Portal efficiently records staff background checks, training, performance appraisals, and absence management, ensuring a competent and reliable care team.

Mileage and Payroll

Dom Portal dynamically calculates care visit mileage and tracks staff working hours for transparent payroll and billing, simplifying financial processes.

Reporting and Analytics

Extensive reporting empowers providers to make informed decisions and facilitates CQC audits, enabling continuous improvement in care services.

Data Privacy and Security

Dom Portal ensures GDPR compliance, handling customer data securely with a strong focus on data privacy and security, fostering trust and confidentiality.

1. Person-Centric Care Plans and Assessment:

Flexible templates for inclusive and person-centric care plans and assessments.

Ability to set target outcomes for service users and create associated care visit tasks.

Support for comprehensive and customizable care planning and assessment processes.

2. Comprehensive Care Record Management:

Real-time, auditable, and customizable capturing of care records.

Electronic Medications Administration and Recording (eMAR) chart functionality.

Capability to capture treatment information with body maps, photographs, and videos.

3. Mobile App for Efficient Care Delivery:

Android/iOS mobile apps for convenient access to service user details, rota, and task lists. Offline access for care staff to update care notes, with automatic synchronization when online.

Timesheet submission, leave booking, and availability indication through the mobile app.

4. Collaborative Care Communication:

In-built Care CRM and mobile push notifications for seamless communication among care staff.

Authorized Care Circle members, including family and healthcare professionals, can view care plans and notes. Efficient communication and coordination among care team members.

5. Streamlined Operations and Compliance:

Task planning, staff rostering, real-time monitoring, and alerting features for efficient care management.

Simplified care staff recruitment, background checks, and induction process. Comprehensive record-keeping of staff training, supervision reports, and appraisals.

6. Automated Reporting and Analytics:

Dom Portal provides automated reporting and analytics features, allowing care providers to generate insightful reports and gain valuable data-driven insights. This feature enables monitoring of key performance indicators, assessment outcomes, medication administration trends, and other critical metrics.


Dom Portal enables flexible and person-centric care plans with comprehensive record management. The mobile app enhances efficiency in accessing service user details, updating care notes, and streamlines operations for seamless communication and compliance

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